National Lottery Awards 2013

Lottery Awards

Some exciting news. We got a phone call on Friday Feb 22nd 2013.

National Lottery have been in touch with Arts Council England (ACE) with requests for outstanding arts projects to be included in their 2013 National Lottery Awards Ceremony, to be held in October. The Awards come in eight categories with ‘The Arts’ as one category.

And ACE put forward The Wedding Collective’s 2011 project, The Consul. Yay.

So, we’re on their radar … Watch this space.

A big thanks, then, to everyone who was involved in the work, singers, chorus, tech team, design, direction, FOH, press/marketing! Please follow this blog – for updates on the situation – and kindly tell your friends to follow us as well.

We’ll also put stuff on Facebook and Twitter.

Steve T 🙂

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Jewish activist, 'Not in My Name' anti-Zionist, theatre-maker and writer.
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