The Events

PosterThe public highlight of 2014 was Sanctuary Voice taking part in David Greig’s The Events at the Young Vic in London.

Or course, every session during that year was special. And not all by any means focused on The Events. We did lots of work too about the Anniversary of WW1  touching the war theme obliquely – for obvious reasons, seeing that many of our participants had been affected by it personally – as well as seasonal music and drama as well.

Isabella Fletcher, Tori Longdon and Grace Willis all did brilliant music work with their various groups working across Islington Refugee Centre, Praxis and Refugee Women’s Association. Mostly women. All refugees. And a mixture of asylum seekers and trafficked women.

They were joined, at various times, by Stephen Tiller, Jonathan Chadwick from AZ Theatre and Lucy Richardson from London Metropolitan University. As well as Sanctuary Voices’ own  Naveen Arles who occasionally deputised in the music department when he wasn’t looking after the newborn Arles.

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