The Sanctuary of Voices.

In every corner of our divided world, singing and music-making are universal. We sing to our children. We sing when we work. We sing when we’re happy – and also to grieve.  We need no language to understand music. It cuts across boundaries and barriers. It connects us where no language can. It harmonises us. Brings us together. It comes from our bodies and moves our bodies. It connects us through sound and vibration and the air. Yes, we sing alone. But our greatest joy is to sing together.

The Sanctuary Voices Chorus has been set up by Steve Tiller, Naveen Arles and Jacqueline Steinmetz to celebrate and encourage our singing and playing together – refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of war, intolerance and persecution.  We hope to build bridges and  bring people together. To offer a refuge in the well-being of music and to support refugees who have too often found cold refuge.

Between Steve and Naveen, we have over 30 years of work in performance and communities in the UK, Lebanon, India, Serbia, Bosnia, Ireland, Palestine, Uganda, Japan and Israel.

Do contact us.

We’ll find a way to include you as a single singer or a group.

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Islington Centre

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